2020 Breakouts – Session 3

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All Hands on Deck: Everyone Matters!

Selma Wilson

Featured Speaker
Retired Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer, LifeWay Christian Resources

Assessing Our Church’s Educational Offerings: How Do We Know They Know What We Want Them to Know?

Dr. Rustin Umstattd, Associate Professor of Theology and Ministry, Director of the DEdMin Program, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Churches teach their members in numerous ways ranging from sermons to field experience, but how do we know that they are learning what we are teaching? This breakout session will address both the need for assessment of our teaching programs as well as sharing creative ideas of how this assessment can take place in a church setting.

The Modern Family: Biblical Response to Contemporary Family Issues

Dr. Chris Shirley, Associate Dean, Terry School of Educational Ministries, Professor of Educational
Ministries, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

Today’s Christian family is being impacted by significant challenges. This session will explore 10 of these issues and suggest responses churches can take to help families flourish.

Engaging Women of all Ages

Chuan Anderson, Women’s Minister, First Baptist, Hendersonville, TN

As the lifespan and vitality of Americans continues to rise, the average church now has as many as four generations of people to minister to and engage. This workshop will explore ideas for including and involving all generations of adult women in the life of the church.

Navigating the Changing Culture and How to Protect Your Church

Harrison Smith, Regional Alliance Director, Alliance Defending Freedom, Atlanta, GA

As a church, how do you address the changing cultural views on issues such as sexuality, marriage, and gender identity? We will discuss what your church needs to have in place in order to continue to confidently minister and proclaim the gospel.

Creating the Best Online Small Group Experience

Phillip Bleecker, Director, National Accounts, RightNow Media, Dallas, TX

Explore how you can use RightNow Media resources in order to help your small group leaders develop a positive and healthy online group experience.

WRITE IT DOWN: Learning How to Use Journaling as a Key Discipleship Tool

Robert Mullins, Lead Pastor at Crossroads Community Church and Founder of Passion Tree Ministries, Elmore, AL

Throughout Scripture, The Lord encourages and even commands that we write things down that He tells us. If we truly want to hear from God, we need to learn to journal or WRITE IT DOWN. Learn how to hear from God through a life of journaling!

Finding Your Second Wind

Ron Edmondson, Church and Organizational Leadership Consultant, Nashville, TN

Whether as a church or as an individual, what are some ways to find your second wind? How can you regain momentum to grow in your next season of ministry and stay strong enough to finish well?

Developing a Pathway for Disciple-Making

-Mark Gainey, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Fultondale, AL and Lead Consultant at Incite Ministries
-Andy Frazier, Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist church, Sumiton, Al and Consultant at Incite Ministries

Learn how to move from a random approach for making disciples to an intentional and directed approach.

The Emerging Church Library in Today’s Church Culture

Morlee Maynard, Coordinator, Church Librarians Network, Team Leader, Enrichment Center, Forest Hills Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

The church library is no longer just a room of books. Let’s look at strategic way’s churches are transforming their libraries to become major players in carrying out their vision, mission, core values, and disciple making processes.

True North: Navigating Culture Without Sinking the Church